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Leonard’s Roseville Transmission & Auto Repair offers rear end differential services in Roseville, MI and the surrounding areas. Rear differential issues manifest in a variety of ways. There could be a leaking seal or low oil in the gear oil reservoir. There could be looseness in the bearings on the rear axle or the drive shaft. The rear axle of the vehicle could seize up as you are driving down the road. Our professional mechanics are rear end differential experts here and we want to help you with your auto differential repair issues.

When the rear end differential goes out on our customer’s vehicle, our trusted technicians usually offer several options. These options include rear end differential restoration, repair, or replacement. If it is just the bearing and seal that are not working correctly, replacement of the seals and bearings and refilling the reservoir with gear oil is usually sufficient. If the gear box itself is leaking, replacing that seal will usually fix the problem.

If the gears inside the rear differential itself are not working properly, it is a bigger job. This includes taking out the gears to determine why they are not working correctly and then replacing the gears as needed. Then, the gear box must be filled with gear oil. At this point, most of the bearing and seals are also replaced since you have the rear end differential out anyway.

Here at the car repair center at Leonard’s Roseville Transmission & Auto Repair, our technicians and mechanics are professional and reliable. We understand how frustrating and inconvenient it can be to not have your vehicle. We will do our very best to get you back on the road as soon as possible. Come see us at Leonard’s Roseville Transmission & Auto Repair for all car repair and rear end differential services.

We will get you right back on the road.

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